Our face is very expressive and it is the mirror of all our emotions. The repetitive contraction of facial muscles which leads to the skin being creased, eventually starts forming lines which we commonly call as expression lines.

Expression lines are creases which are formed during movement and are commonly observed in the upper part of the face. By time, these creases would become visible even at rest since, as we grow older, the skin starts losing its elasticity.

Expertly injected neurotoxin can help soften these lines in order to achieve a smoother look. The effect lasts between 4 to 9 months and a properly administered treatment will give a natural look.

Neurotoxin can also be administered to the lower part of the face in order to minimise muscle movement in areas such as the corner of the mouth and to reduce the visibility of the platysmal chords. This is an advanced technique of treatment administration and is to be injected only by experienced Doctors.