Power-assisted liposuction has several benefits over other older and more traditional forms of liposuction. Even though a vibrating tip seems like a simple addition to a liposuction cannula, its benefits are invaluable. Some the benefits include the following:

A power-assisted liposuction cannula actually has a much smaller diameter than the conventional cannula. The suction tube is also smaller. Using a smaller cannula and tube allows the surgeon to perform the procedure through a smaller incision. The smaller the incision, the less chance there is for infection to set in, less healing time is required, and patients have fewer scars from the procedure.

Power-assisted liposuction allows for greater precision. This is partly due to the use of the thinner cannula. A smaller wand means a surgeon can target areas more precisely. This allows for an increased ability to sculpt the tissue into a more natural and aesthetically pleasing form. The precision of PAL also means that surrounding areas experience less severe trauma.

Those who undergo power-assisted liposuction are exposed to fewer risks and have fewer complications than patients undergoing older, more conventional liposuction techniques. Those who may have greater risk because of other associated factors can greatly benefit from PAL.

Patients undergoing PAL require a shorter recovery period than those undergoing other types of liposuction.

Power-assisted liposuction can remove up to 30 percent more fat than other types.