Microdermabrasion treatment removes dead and flaking skin cells  by using a jet of sterile aluminium oxide sprayed onto the skin to create an exfoliating effect. Prior to the treatment, the skin is prepared by a light vacuuming action from the instrument. This promotes an oxygen-rich blood supply to reach the surface of the skin to aid the regeneration process. The depth of penetration of microdermabrasion is controlled by the operator so the treatment can be superficial or more aggressive according to the indication.

Skin specialists have been using dermabrasion for many years to treat several conditions such as acne, deep skin discolouration, fine expression lines and even stretch marks or surgical scars. It does so through a combination of exfoliation, enhanced circulation and the formation of the body’s collagen. In microdermabrasion, these properties aim to improve the general skin appearance and tone or to treat more localized problems such as open pores, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Light microdermabrasion may also be recommended before procedures such as chemical peels, to help penetration of the solutions.

After vacuuming the skin to stimulate the local circulation, microcrystals are sprayed onto the skin to create a ‘sandblasting’ effect. The vacuuming stage lasts around ten minutes, followed by the exfoliation which lasts twenty to thirty minutes. The procedure is practically painless, and no special preparation is required. There is usually no more than a temporary redness after the treatment.

Since microdermabrasion is a relatively gentle treatment and effects improve with time, a series of treatments is advised for best results. The doctor or aesthetician will plan out your program according to the indication.