Fat transfer or lipo filling is a procedure whereby fat is removed from an unwanted area on the body, processed and then re-injected into a desirable area of the body or face. It is an innovative treatment made popular in the last few years due to its use among celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.

The combination of fat transfer and liposuction allows for significant changes to be made to one’s silhouette. For example, by achieving a narrower waist, rounder hips or a plumper buttocks. It is also a very beneficial procedure for individuals who have lost a large amount of facial fat and require volume restoration.

The biggest advantage of fat transfer procedures is that the volumizing ‘product’ is one’s own (fat), making it impossible for the body to react allergically to it. Also, the amount of volume displaced is very high; from 10 to 40cc for fat transfer to face to over 500cc in buttock reshaping.